Do English men find Asian American’s attractive? (picture)?

Question by Lola Lin: Do English men find Asian American’s attractive? (picture)?
First and foremost… I am not trying to be shallow here and I do understand that every man has their own ideas of beauty in a women. I am asking this merely because of my imperceptible knowledge of life in the UK. Every country, state, city, has its own “culture”, and special upbringing. Like in New York City for example… We are considered the core of art and fashion. NYC is influenced by cultures all around the world because of it’s diversities. Mainstream girls here are really out there (outgoing) and extremely blunt. Sexy here, is thought of as classy, but not conservative. No one can truly leave a message here saying “English people are people just like Americans. We all like and think the same. We all like the same music and fads. All our beliefs and ideas are not influenced what so ever by our upbringings” and actually believe it…. I am tired of those comments. Bit major cities like London and NYC share our own special cultures and backgrounds… That’s what makes a country or state special in their own ways. Just like how most Asian countries raise conservative women and women who must respect family and loved ones. IT’S A CULTURE!

NOW, to the point…
I am an American Asian. I recently started dating this English man from London. He’s so charming and very exotic to me. He is so different from any guy I’ve ever met in my life. But then again, I’ve never dated out of New York City… Which is where I am born and raised, and still currently living. I feel like such an alien around him sometimes because I’m sure I’m nothing hes ever been with either. He has never dated an American and hes also never dated a Asian. I still carry the cultures of my background being that I am the first generation born here in America.

He’s different. I want to know what you English men think of Asian Americans.. Or just Americans.. I don’t want to alienate myself from the his background and upbringing anymore. I want to know what the men in London are like. What the girls are like. What do English men like in girls? (Even if it’s just your own opinion or a general opinion of the people around you)

Please respect my question… And please don’t tell me not to judge Ethnic groups… I am very proud of my upbringing and my backgrounds culture as an Asian-American. Do not be ignorant enough to think that being “English” is a ethnic group.. (Sorry, I recently had a girl leave a rude comment saying England is a ethnic group)

THANK YOU for your patience and thoughts! 🙂

I apologize for the long question.. I am just trying to avoid controversy and rude comments… Thank you. 🙂

This is what I look like:
I just realized what a awful picture that is!! 🙁
Here’s another one…

Thanks again. I truly respect your thoughts.
Thank you guys! and girls!
Just to clear things up, I am purely Taiwanese. My parents are both Taiwanese, and I am the first generation born in America. I am not quite sure why I look mixed.. A lot of people say that about me too. lol..

My eyes are slanted up! Does that count? 😀

Thanks for the very kind compliments. You are all very sweet. 🙂
To… ash nocturne
I am not marrying this guy.. The thought of marriage doesn’t even come across my mind because I just met him… Why don’t I marry a Taiwanese man…? hm… How the hell would I know who I am going to marry?! I’m not as ignorant as you, I’m not going to tell myself to only date Asian men. I’m in America… Which means diversity… I am not going to be ignorant enough to pick which ethnicity I want to marry and date. If I end up liking a guy… I like the guy. I’ve dated men of many elasticities… I’m assuming you only date in your race. Ignorance is ugly. I understand if dating out of race is a “bad” thing to you. But it’s my life and my life does not affect you at any which way… So please, focus on your own life problems instead of taking it out on others. I’m marrying the man I fall in love with. Deal with it.
I’m interested in my ENGLISH boyfriend’s background. I’m sorry you disapprove of him… lol

Best answer:

Answer by Hi, Daddy!
Well, I do know that it’s still normal to call East Asians “Orientals” over there. Though he probably knows what’s preferred in the states as they watch more of our media than the other way around.

BTW, you’re gorgeous! 🙂 He probably thinks you’re so adorable! (And not with the bigoted attitude that a lot of American men have to go along with that attraction.) It’s a win-win deal!

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