Do children from single parents have a harder time?

Question by jeny: Do children from single parents have a harder time?
I have noticed just from a few friends who are single parents(absent fathers) that their children have a harder time, more discipline problems than children from two parent homes. Does anyone else agree with me on this? It seems that having a father in the picture makes a world of a difference in the lives of these children. Is this a valid reason to stay with that person and works through the problems if possible? It would be for me if it a was a known fact that children are well rounded and happier.

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Answer by Jay
it depends on the situation if the father was a good parent and good person but things just ended up not working out between mom and dad then probably yes…but if the father was a drunk abusive to the mom then the children would suffer more for seing that on a regular basis………Majority of people who have children together do try to make things work before calling it quits… but if it doesnt work it is not good for a child to grow up in a house hold where there parents do not respect each other

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