DIY Divorce Just Got Easier


(PRWEB) May 16, 2007

A new Internet divorce service launched by Net Lawman Ltd is set to revolutionise the divorce process in the UK. The flexible 3-tier system allows users as much or as little guidance as they need. Users can choose from a complete ‘hand holding’ service, to a simple download of forms and templates to complete and use themselves. All the forms are provided with fully completed examples so that you can see exactly what is required at each place on a form. The service fills a big gap between “on-your-own DIY” and your traditional high street solicitor.

Divorce is a growing reality for many married couples – times and ideals change, new needs and expectations are not met. Net Lawman plan to help people initiate their divorce petition, allowing them to get on with new, happier lives.

“Many people are inhibited from seeking essential divorce advice on straight forward matters because of cost, time or the sheer inconvenience of finding a parking space. The DIY divorce service is staffed by professionals with a vast range of knowledge and experience. By dealing with them over the Internet, we deliver the same service cheaper and without the hassle,” explained Net Lawman director Andrew Taylor.

The divorce process is, on the face of it, a simple one. Net Lawman have many free information pages, documents and forms to help you finalise the proceedings with minimal stress and worry. However, as soon as disputes arise, usually about children or money, the process becomes more complicated than most people imagine. Net Lawman want to make it as easy for their clients as possible.

The 3-tier system allows users to access only what they need. The first tier is the provision of the essential forms and documents required to initiate and finalise the legal divorce. If they need only the forms, we provide them with guidance notes and completed examples for ease of use. The second tier includes legal advice. For those who need support and guidance, a female solicitor with years of experience in divorce law will communicate and guide the client. We offer a unique “live” Internet chat system – the client can talk confidentially, one-on-one to their expert in real time, without the need for expensive face-to-face meetings. Lastly, the third tier provides a complete service. Net Lawman will guide users through the minefield at every stage. We carefully consider the unique case at hand, provide practical advice, and draft all forms, documents and letters as they are required.

We can help with arrangements for children and finances too.

The divorce service is easy to use and there is no complicated sign-up process – users can jump straight into buying the forms and advice they need. It is literally ‘taking the law into your own hands.’

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About Net Lawman: Net Lawman are a provider of online legal services. It is operated by Andrew Taylor, who worked as a solicitor for 20 years before setting up the company. From document templates, fast pre-paid legal advice, bespoke document drafting and a complete wills service, Net Lawman is expanding fast.

Most legal work is undertaken by Andrew, and by Rajeev Goswami, a lawyer based in India. They are assisted by English barristers for specialist employment work, as well as Rajeev’s small team of Indian lawyers, and a French family law specialist, as required.

They now operate sites in India, Australia and Scotland with a plan to launch another ten similar sites in the coming year.

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