Divorcing women in love with me but cannot accept my love in return?

Question by lettinggo2006: Divorcing women in love with me but cannot accept my love in return?
About a year ago a married women approached me on more than a friendly basis. She fell in love with me and I fell in love with her. We have not slept together but over the year have become best friends. She is currently divorcing her husband. Over the year she has verbally expressed her feelings towards me and has always said that she would want to be with me and only me when she left her husband. I held on to these thoughts over the last year. In the next couple of months she will be separating from her husband and I have told her that I would be there for what ever support emotional or otherwise she required. Since this is definate that she is leaving her husband she still has said she cares about me but at this point in time cannot see us as a couple. She is a mess right now and I know I need to be there as a friend no matter what. I guess my question is and maybe some people who have recently gone through a divorce can help me. Where do I fit into this picture?

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Answer by tacota
I have to wonder if she’s been using you as a crutch to get through this. I mean she’s been interested all along until now, right? I think maybe she’s feeling very mixed up right now, and you should just be the friend she needs you to be, and go from there. Expect nothing but friendship and you won’t be crushed if something more doesn’t happen.

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