Divorce Recovery and Divorce Advice Expert Claims Pain from Divorce is GOOD


Laguna Niguel, CA (PRWEB) June 1, 2008

Divorce recovery expert, Harold Bernhardt, has just published a 7 part life success series called, “7 Secrets to Transforming Your Life in 14 Days.” The mini-course is focused on helping people struggling with the pain of divorce.

“I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. Pain is GOOD,” says Harold Duarte-Bernhardt, divorce recovery expert and founder of the LIFEzone, a publishing and consulting company focused on helping people transform their lives.

“I’ve experienced the pain that comes with divorce. And I know just how dark things can get. That’s why I’ve developed a specific set of powerful life strategies and divorce advice to help people turn pain into real opportunity,” explains Bernhardt.

“My goal is to give people the real life strategies they need to move through their pain and live their best life yet … I’ve recovered from my divorce and I can help others do it as well.” “Most of the options people who are in pain have right now are ‘quick fix’ ‘silver bullet’ types of things. Let me tell you: Those don’t work,” says Bernhardt.

“Pain is a clue. And pain is an opportunity. But you need to know how to deal with it.”

“And that’s why I’ve made it my mission and my business to share these strategies for divorce recovery with the thousands of people who really need them.”

To get a free copy of the “7 Secrets to Transforming Your Life in 14 Days,” please visit http://lifezonelive.com.

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