Divorce advice?

Question by dawniebear22: Divorce advice?
My friend is in a really bad marriage right now her husband has been known to hit her and be very mentally abusive. She came by today and ask me to go to her county and file for divorce with her because he has been taking a flash light and a gun and searching every inch of the house everyday like ten times a day. He is on drugs or something but she cant even sleep so she is staying with me for a while. What would be the best way for her to go about this she is scared that he will try to come over here and hurt her and my family. He is a pshyco andvery capiable of it. So my question is what should she do and can she file for divorce in a different county from where they live. Will a restraining order really work for her if she lives here. Please any advice would be great.
by the way he has no idea she is even thinking about the divorce and that scares her even worse
what scares me is i am afraid that he will come to my house and demand to know where she is at and if i dont tell him he will harm me and my family

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Answer by soymissk8
Call the police.

They can advise you and help protect your friend.

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