Devils Angels & Dating – CG Animation Short Film – Story Reel v73 This is our latest story reel update featuring new animation, several new layout shots and some more effects and compositing work. Progress is still going strong as we pass the 60% animation mark. I published a chart of our progress you can see how things have been moving along for the past year. We also have a more visual bar chart of the progress in each department both at the front and end of the story reel, on the front page of our website and on the tasks page where you can see all the shot assignments. Interestingly we passed 300 members a little while ago, which is quite incredible. Everyone’s eyes always pop out when they hear that, but it doesn’t mean we have 300 people working on the project, simply 300 that have shown interest in the project, and largely interested in working on it.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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