“Death in the Pot” A Treatise on the Adulterations of Food (1820) – Front cover

“Death in the Pot” A Treatise on the Adulterations of Food (1820) – Front cover
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Image by Chemical Heritage Foundation
Friedrich Christian Accum, 1769-1838.
A treatise on adulterations of food, and culinary poisons : exhibiting the fraudulent sophistications of bread, beer, wine, spirituous liquors, tea, coffee, cream, confectionery, vinegar, mustard, pepper, cheese, olive oil, pickles, and other articles employed in domestic economy ; and methods of detecting them

The cover of A treatise on adulterations of food is as gory as Accum’s impression of the food industry: the book was soon known as “Death in the pot,” after the biblical quotation printed across the top under a skull and crossbones.

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Photo by Douglas A. Lockard.
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