David Archuleta Talks Relationships & Dating

Facebook.com – Become a Fan! Twitter.com – Follow Us! Which music star and American Idol favorite admits that he’s never been a relationship and isn’t ready quite yet? That answer is next. HEllo music lovers. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis coming to your from our new ClevverTV headquarters in Hollywood. One of the most adorable dudes in the entertainment world, David Archuleta is going on the record with Latina Magazine saying that: “You know, the time will come. I’ll know when I’m ready and right now it’s just not the time yet. It’s when you find that person that you feel comfortable around.” So for this year at least, there won’t be any kissing going on for David under the misteltoe, but nothing seems to get this happy-go-lucky guy down. David’s playing it smart, waiting for that right person to come along – in fact, the singer chatted with an entertainment show in Singapore recently saying that he’s never been in a relationship before. No puppy love, no serious crushes, and no first kiss – he’s waiting for that special person. Although the smart singer notes his lack of a love life as a “blessing” because it’s helped keep him focused. Now for those of you ladies out there crushing big-time on David, you may want to pick up his album, because one of his songs, which is called “My Kind of Perfect,” basically outlines what he’s looking for. If you think you’re Archie’s kind of perfect, why don’t you tell us why in the comments section. And stick with us at ClevverTV for
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