Dating To Relating – From A To Z (A Man’s Guide To Understanding Women)

Dating To Relating – From A To Z (A Man’s Guide To Understanding Women)

In the one short year since it’s inception, has become the second most popular men’s dating and relationship advice site on the internet. (Alexa Rankings). Outranking long time established and stellar Gurus such as Neil Strauss’ and Mystery’s websites.

And no wonder! Dating To Relating – From A to Z, is a complete guide for men. Mr. L. Rx takes it one step further than any of the other Gurus and teaches you how to both meet women and relate to them.

In what has been called the “New Bible” of men’s dating and relating, Mr. L. Rx shows you the real basics behind meeting women, attracting women, picking-up women, seducing women, and relating to women. Furthermore he shows you how relating to women successfully ultimately depends on how you go about first meeting them.

Dating to Relating does not give you one simple “Numbers Game” strategy. (Something that you might be totally uncomfortable with.) Instead it gives you a number of situational strategies that you can use for different personality types and different situations. It also gives you a dating technology which teaches you how to develop your own “dating strategy” unique to you, your personality, the personality of the women you are interested in and other situational variables.

There is nothing else like Dating To Relating on the market. Nowhere else will you find a book that will take you all the way from meeting women to marrying them, and nowhere else will you find a book with both dating and relationship strategies and dating and relationship technologies. Nowhere else will you find a book that can benefit ALL men, no matter what their personality is like, and no matter how old, ugly, shy, or poor they are.

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