Dating Tips on Writing an Online Dating Profile

Dating Tips on Writing an Online Dating Profile

Dating Tips on Writing an Online Dating Profile

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Dating Tips on Writing an Online Dating Profile

Dating Tips on Writing an Online Dating Profile

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Posted: Sep 17, 2006 |Comments: 0
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If you’re a Christian single thinking about using an online Christian dating service, you better make sure you get your online dating profile right. True, there are a lot of advantages for using an online dating service, but without an attractive online dating profile, it’s unlikelyyou will meet the man or woman of your dreams.

Sadly, while most all the top internet Christian matchmaking services offer free trial memberships where you can set up an online dating profile, few offer dating profile writing tips. The purpose of this article is to give you some confidence and practical steps toward writing a successful dating profile.

Before beginning to write your dating profile, consider what your actual goals are. For most Christian singles, an online dating profile serves as a “resume” used not only to attract interested singles, but most importantly attracting the quality of person you desire in a soulmate.

Considering the following online dating profile tips when writing your own profile will help you find the dating relationship you are seeking.

Start by being honest. Being honest when writing a dating profile means not exaggerating on topics like physical appearance, job or financial staus. As my one friends stated; “His profile stated he was 6’1″, but when we met it was more like meeting a Hobbit.” That’s funny but sad. The lesson here is that writing a truthful dating profile can save you time and embarrassment. Be yourself and remember that you are looking for the person who will accept you for who you are, not for what you think they want you to be.

When describing yourself in your dating profile, freely express your values and interests. This is your opportunity to separate yourself from other dating profiles by telling people not only what you like, but why you like what you do. For example, many profiles state that the person loves the beach, but most don’t expound on what they like about the beach. Writing your dating profile this way makes for much more interesting reading. and lets see part of the real you.

Write to your target audience. What do we mean by that? Write your dating profile as if you were addressing an actual person, that particular soul mate you have been praying about meeting. Writing this way will instill passion in your writing, and save time by weeding out those single people who you would have no interest in dating anyway.

Practice using a sense of humor in your dating profile. Having a sense of humor breaks down barriers and lets those reading your dating profile sense that you are a real and fun person.

Don’t make your dating profile too long, because that can be boring and tedious for a reader. They told me this in seminary, and we can apply this to a dating profile: Always leave them wanting more! Dating profile experts (yes, there are such things) suggest a profile no longer than 250 words. The breakdowen should as follows: 150 words should describe yourself; 100 words or so could describe the mate or spouse you are seeking.

Use a nice photo of yourself in the dating profile. That usually means a close up with not much flesh revealed. Research shows that those folks who include a photo in their profile get 15 times the amount of readers than those who choose not to use them. A couple words of caution here. Do I need to remind you to make it a recent photo? Did you know pics with sunglasses are not cool, but make people think you are hiding something? Okay, I’m done preaching.

Finally, make sure you use a spell checker (I should talk). By using a text editor you can also cut and paste your profile on different sites, saving lots of time and hassle in case you want to modify it.

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David Butler
About the Author:

David Butler, the author, is a Christian minister to singles, and has a website, Christian Dating Service PLUS!, specifically geared to their dating and spiritual needs


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