Dating – secret help?

Question by Demona: Dating – secret help?
I have two online dating profiles, one a real one and my second is a tester one (I have a sexy non facial shot and my profile is somewhat suggestive – I don’t use this one at all it’s just kinda sitting there)

Three months ago I went out with Jason twice and after about a week I got a text message saying he was going to pursue another girl, which was fine with me since we weren’t “dating” Last month he messages me and wants to try again since it didn’t work out with the other girl. I told him I’m no back up girl right off the bat.

Last night I decided to go out on a date with him just to see if any spark was there. It was but not a huge explosion

Here is my problem, last week I logged into my second account and saw that he messaged me there (obviously he doesn’t know that it’s me) so I have been messaging him back

He has told me personally he is going to close his online account. He even mentioned my second account to me last night during dinner!! He was totally lying to me about it too saying she was pressuring him into meeting up to hook up (not true) But now he is asking my second account phone number so they can meet up.

Now I’m stuck that maybe he wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t respond to his message… or maybe he would have and I just got lucky that he messaged my other account so I know about this. So I call him on it or just say nothing?

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Answer by rl1984
I think it would be a blast to try out a Mrs. Doubtfire number over dinner–you’d have a story for life!

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