Dating Rich Men Online

Dating Rich Men Online

Dating Rich Men Online

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Dating Rich Men Online

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Posted: Mar 19, 2009 |Comments: 0



Women with a desire to meet rich men no longer have to take part-time jobs at elite yacht clubs, hob-knob at country clubs or take up golf or tennis to find them. A more modern approach for women who want to meet rich men is through one of the growing numbers of online dating sites that cater to rich men in search of attractive women.

These kind of dating services are upscale, high end, and much different than the online personals sites. Many classified ad sites are packed with serial daters  and those who are indecisive about whom they would like to meet and uncertain about their relationship goals. The ads may also include a collection of women who claim to have been kidnapped and left penniless in Nigeria or Kenya too.

On the most discriminating online dating sites where women meet rich men, the men must verify that their income is over 0,000 and it is requested that they verify their age, profession, and prove they have a bona fide photo as well.

Women whose goal is to meet rich men can scan profiles on the rich men dating sites and almost instantly be presented with profiles of men who boast of lavish homes, fancy cars, private jets, and enjoy exotic vacation destinations. These are very ambitious men with enviable professions in real estate, investment brokering or have occupations that include doctors, lawyers or CEO’s.

For women to be successful in their quest to meet rich men, making a great first impression is of utmost importance. Rich men prefer to be in the company of classy, intelligent, and attractive women. Even if you are not a super model, you can still meet rich men if you look and feel your best. Eating right, regular exercise and proper makeup application are among the things women can do make themselves more appealing to rich men.

When women set out to meet rich men, it is important to remember that most men with money are rich because of the sizable amount of time they’ve spent on their business endeavors. They are often busy professionals who spoil and pamper women to make up for the decreased amount of time they have to spend with them.

Rich men are often very open about the type of women they seek and are not afraid to boldly state their expectations. When searching to meet rich men, you are likely to find that many of these men are not necessarily looking to settle down and many of them prefer a non-committed, “no strings attached” type of relationships.

The women who hope to meet rich men are usually found to be much younger than their wealthy suitors and are frequently students burdened with educational loans, aspiring actresses, or artists trying to get a start in the world.

The prestigious lifestyles of financially secure men are enticing to many women. The opportunity to travel, have shopping sprees, dine at exclusive restaurants, and receive extravagant gifts may be just a few mouse clicks away for women who want to meet rich men.

Written for Diamond Lounge rich dating site.


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About the Author:

Arya Marafie is the Founder & CEO of the Diamond Lounge ( and CEO Lounge (


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