Dating Gurus – To Whom You Should Entrust Your Dating Skills

Dating Gurus – To Whom You Should Entrust Your Dating Skills

Dating Gurus – To Whom You Should Entrust Your Dating Skills

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Dating Gurus – To Whom You Should Entrust Your Dating Skills

Dating Gurus – To Whom You Should Entrust Your Dating Skills

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Posted: Nov 11, 2010 |Comments: 0


Most guys today have heard of one of the dating coaches in one way or another. Dating gurus and pick-up artists of today are being highlighted in mainstream media. This is primarily due to their bestselling books, films, and many appearances on popular TV shows.

This is a small fundamental to acquaint you with the most renowned and skillful pick up artists. We’ve assorted the list according to whom among the dating gurus are the most well-known, this does not entail that they are the only adept gurus. It just means that the first names mentioned on the list received more media coverage than the ones below them.

1. Neil Strauss (AKA Style from Stylelife). Neil Strauss was an already well-known rock scene and New York Times writer when he wrote “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists” which become a huge bestseller and created a large following of students and a frenzy in the media with Strauss appearing widely in the press and TV talk shows. Presently, he teaches his advice through his company “Stylelife”.

2. Erik von Markovik (AKA the Erik von Markovik biography). The many technologies in pick-up artistry are pioneered by Erik von Markovik. His students included Neil Strauss, who soon authored his own book after learning what he can. Most people know him by his pseudonym Mystery. He starred in the series “The Pick Up Artist” in VH1, where he teaches men to improve their approach on meeting and handling women. The second season of the show was approved due to rave reviews. By means of his company “Venusian Arts”, Mystery PUA Videos continues to instruct men on the dating field. He also had his share of features in the press.

3. Eben Pegan. Double Your Dating’s David DeAngelo has the most prominent business in the dating industry as compared to his fellow dating coaches. “Double Your Dating eBook” was published in 2001. This is the first book he ever wrote and since that time, he was able to build-up a commendable portfolio of dating products and seminars with the sole purpose of helping youngsters in socializing with women. “Double Your Dating” is the name of his dating company.

4. Owen Cook (A.K.A Tyler Durden/TD). Owen Cook was introduced in Neil Strauss’s book “The Game”. He was among the group of geniuses who started to develop dating advice into the prominent commercial market it is today. He is known of being a perfectionist because he always makes sure to comb thoroughly into advice, determining which is good and which is bad. He and his girlfriend are currently enjoying life together with their son. As such, he unknowingly shows proof that he is among the dating advisors who are glad to have a long, lasting and mature relationship with a woman.

5.David Wygant David’s life is said to be in conjunction with the movie “Hitch” where Will Smith starred. This belief came from the fact that David was one of the earliest dating instructors to ever appear in public through the media. David Wygant’s advice has the special trait of being grounded and direct.

6. Nick (A.K.A Savoy). Nick Savoy succeeded in making a name for himself among the other dating gurus first when he was still a part of “Mystery Method Corporation”, the starting company he created with Mystery. It was among the companies who first came up with ‘dating bootcamps’. These bootcamps are done in real life settings and teach men how to meet women. He and Mystery established each of their own companies right after they went separate ways. Presently, Love Systems is being managed by Nick Savoy; working as Program Director and CEO. Based on global reach of their products and services, as well as the number of dating coaches, Love Systems is no doubt the largest company in the dating world today.

7. Daniel Rose (from Sex God Method). Daniel Rose has been in the midst of media attention for his unique approach and products in instructing men on their sexual skills over the last few years. He pioneered his own company and named it “Sex God Method”. He presents his advice on teaching men to make explosive sexual experiences with their female partners through his products ranging from books, online training programs and videos.

8. Vin DiCarlo. Just a few years ago, Vin DiCarlo became a member of the dating guru scene. Equipped with his unique approach on using mindsets, confidence, and ‘inner game’, his advice was easily distinguishable from those of his fellow dating instructors. He has become very popular in the short term he’s been in the market thanks to his marketing efforts and wide distribution of his writing.


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Angel Donovan
About the Author:

To find out more about the dating gurus and listen to them in interviews teaching their dating and pick up advice check out our library of information at We have the most detailed information on any dating instructor like Erik James Horvat-Markovic Mystery, including each of their biographies and a list of their products (over 1,000). Expert reviews from both editors and regular readers like you are available too.


Angel has a strong interest in the power of self development to transform individuals and organizations. He turned that focus to dating mastery in 2001. Currently, he is the Founder and Editor of DatingSkillsReview, a database of unbiased reviews of dating advice for Men.


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