Dating For Free Online: Why it Doesn’t Work

Go to: Have you ever tried dating for free online to get a girlfriend or to find a new woman to have sex with? No doubt you’ve discovered that it simply does not work and wastes a lot of your time and money. In a recent survey of our newsletter list of 54000 subscribers at, we found that 96% of guys had not been able to successfully get a girlfriend by using online dating. We recommend that you approach women in person – it is much easier, more efficient and you are NOT trying to compete with 1000s of other guys for her attention. Don’t know how to approach women? Sign into my free newsletter for tips on what to say when you approach a woman so she becomes interested immediately. Plus, what to say to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting: Camera used: Sony DSC TX10, Cybershot, Full HD, 16.2 megapixels, Exmore CMOS Sensor

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