Dating Across Borders, a new type of online dating that stands out from the rest.


Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 17, 2006

Online dating is one of the fastest growing Internet trends at the moment. However, a dating website, that really stands out from the rest especially in the US, is not seen very often. If singles are looking for ‘the one’, why limit the search to their local area? The truth is that people are now more adventurous than 10 or more years ago. However the online dating industry has not yet learnt to adapt to peoples wishes, and if a dating website spreads out a little futher than a local area, it will charge 20 US Dollars or more for a monthly subscribtion. However this tendency has now been broken, as a new player on the online dating market dares to differentiate, to fullfill peoples wishes. “People should not limit their search for ‘the one’ to their local area,” says Martin Madsen CEO, is a relatively new face on the American Dating Market, but is experiencing a large inflow of singles who want to meet ‘the one’ in other countries, as this is new to the dating market. “We do believe that everyone has a soulmate, and that we provide a unique tool to find that special somone, outside the borders of the customer’s native country or in the customer’s local comunity.” says Martin Madsen and continous “We will not stand in the way for our customers in terms of finances. Everyone should have the opportunity to find true love”. is one of the cheapest on the American dating market, with prices as low as 2,65 US Dollars a month for a plus membership. When registering singles get access to search and browse through profiles of other singles from various countries.

Lise and Eric are just two of the people who meet each other on Lise is a 23 year old female from Denmark, who stumbled upon Eric’s profile as it showed as a perfect match for Lise. “I never thought, that it could be this easy to meet potential partners, who fit my criterias” says Lise. Eric a 36 year old male from Australia, was very pleased when he saw a message from Lise. “Lise is a very pretty girl, and we have a lot in common” says Eric. They both agree that has been a success for them personally, and are already planning to meet this summer.

For all singles who are looking for the big love, the time could not be better. Start looking today, ‘the one’ is only a few clicks away.