Question by Fairy-Princess: DaTiNg????!!!!!?
As pethetic as it might sound I only reasondly went on my second real date in my life (I did have boyfriends before I’m not that bad) with this very nice guy. I’m 19 and he is 21. I’m all confused at how it is suppose to work and what is suppose to happen, when is it suppose to happen….. I’m not always a patient woman but I can wait if I have to or want to. I am not looking for SEX but a hug or a kiss whould be nice. We went on our second date on Friday night and I met his co-workers… PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS DATING THING (GAME) WORKS!!!!!

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Answer by muthafaka8o8
u can give him hints to kiss u or u can start holding his hand first…maybe he is a little shy

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