Announces the Launch of the Newest, Most Exciting Friend Finder Service on the Web


Bellingham, WA (PRWEB) July 27, 2005 just announced the launch of the newest, most exciting Friend Finder Service on the Web. is online after a year of development. is the inspiration of William Harmon of Bellingham, Washington. When boarding a plane from Seattle to join the Rahal/Letterman Racing team for the 2004 Indy 500, he was wishing an old friend were with him.

Her name was Sebrena. He met her during the Molson Indy in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada over twelve years before. Unfortunately, they lost touch. Out of his search for Sebrena was born the CouldWeBeFriends web site, created to bring lost friends and loves together. In association with Blu Sky Web Solutions, LLC. of Bellingham, WA the site has come to fruition.

Mr. Harmon speaks adamantly about the purpose of the site, “You met someone, somewhere, out there – in a restaurant, in a bar, on a plane, at a football game. You remember when and where, but have only a first name or an old phone number. You didn’t pursue the friendship, but now wish you had. How do you contact that person?”

CouldWeBeFriends was designed to help search for lost friends and loves. The front page of the site features postings of friends seeking friends. Members may post as many messages as they like, with or without photos. The messages post indefinitely and may be edited at any time. An elaborate database has been developed to describe encounters in the hope lost friends will see them and respond. Members may enter a first name, last name, date, time, event, location, address, city, state, country and a description of the encounter. They may also search the postings to see if lost friends are searching for them.

Harmon adds “We are social beings. We love to meet new people and make new friends. Most people go out primarily on weekends to favorite restaurants and sporting events. I think almost everyone has met one person they wished they would have gotten to know. I created this sight so people have that second chance at a special friendship.” provides advertising for select corporate organizations and affiliates. With the expected growth potential of the site, companies who wish to be affiliated with the site may contact public relations by visiting the site.

About is a privately owned company, licensed in the state of Washington and founded by William Harmon of Bellingham, WA. Harmon also owns an aerospace and racing consulting business. Harmon plans to premiere the site on a number of late night talk shows.


William Harmon, public relations