Christian Dating Tips – Honoring God in Dating – What EVERY couple needs to know!

Many relationship fall apart because many don’t know the basics. This video captures some of the basics and hopefully prevents hurt, pain, and permanent damages. Hosea 4:6 says, “For my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The video includes: Chp 1-What you need to know before getting into a Relationship Chp 2-How to get Purely the Best Chp 3-How to enjoy Sex to the Fullest Chp 4-What’s my Role? Chp 5-How to find the ‘One’ Chp 6-Extra Tips Christian Dating knowledge is not just for believers but for all humans, for we are created by God and God has given the information for us all. God wants our lives, marriage, love, heart to be full of joy and bliss. So let’s see what the Creator has designed for us. “A respectful man/woman knows that the person does NOT belong to them until they are married.” The option to leave is respect for the individual. Enjoy and God bless. PS. For me and my wife, waiting for marriage was worth it. Thanks to God’s advice. ========================== My Story After graduating college, I was single. I felt lonely and I desired to have someone to call my own. I didn’t want just a physical partner but one I can relate to emotionally, spiritually, mentally, academically, socially, and more. Then talking to a good brother in Christ, he told me, “Don’t pray that God will give you someone; Pray that you’ll be good enough, when that someone comes.” So how do I become good enough? I remembered something I learned during a youth
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