Christian Dating: 10 Smart Dating Do’s!!! – Tips in Honoring God – What everyone needs to know [HD]

A fun deep video the exposes many dating tactics, dating tips, and dating advice. Just as there is a smart way of buying a house or a car, there is also a smart way of finding the right significant other. If you play your cards right in the “game” of dating, you play for keeps. So play smart by doing these 10 simple do’s which many have forgotten. This video is dedicated and designed to help prevent young people from making choice that can permanently damage their lives. Also dedicated to victims of broken hearts and broken families. Date Responsibly. Originally designed for non-church go-ers, this version of the video adds Scripture to show that much of the world’s secrets in dating have already been written in the Bible. The Bible is not obsolete, but 100% useful today!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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