China’s Communists mull the party’s future

China’s Communists mull the party’s future
The 90th anniversary celebration has some bemoaning the changes time has wrought. Oh, for the days when a man could hang a portrait of Mao above his couch. Want to know what happens these days within a Chinese Communist Party cell?
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Drought flourishes during hot, dry June
The statewide average rainfall total for June was 1.17 inches, more than 3 inches below normal and the fourth driest June on record dating back to 1895. Southwestern Oklahoma suffered through its driest June on record with an average of 0.52 inches.
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The Bachelorette, Mormon-Style
Dating reality shows on TV can get pretty risqué — and it may not be everyone’s dating reality. That’s where “Mormon Bachelorette” comes in.
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