Challenger Approaching: Round 1 – Defining Art

Please watch in HQ if you can without it stuttering too much. Visit my website portfolio! Visit Zentendo, where I write reviews! [Featured at the 3rd annual Houghton College Film Festival in April of 2009.] This series is intended to explore the notion that video games are a modern and under appreciated form of artistic media. I hope to point out various reasons why they have had trouble gaining cultural acceptance but more importantly exploring how they have evolved as a medium and the potentials they can now reach to evoke thoughts and emotions, not just in terms of story or visuals and sound but also as interactive experiences. — Special thanks to Garnett Lee, Greg Kasavin, and everyone at Houghton College who gave me their feedback! Flickr pages: Wikipedia entries: Pipe House [Nostalgia]: Vayshen’s Mario Galaxy Jazz Waltz: Subterranean Kamikaze: Also, special thank you to Daniel Floyd for the inspiration:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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