Catholic Marriage Counseling-Finding The Best Catholic Marriage Counseling

Catholic Marriage Counseling-Finding The Best Catholic Marriage Counseling

Catholic Marriage Counseling-Finding The Best Catholic Marriage Counseling

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Home Page > Relationships > Marriage > Catholic Marriage Counseling-Finding The Best Catholic Marriage Counseling

Catholic Marriage Counseling-Finding The Best Catholic Marriage Counseling

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Posted: Mar 03, 2010 |Comments: 0



Catholic marriage counseling is different, in the sense that it is “Christ” centered, meaning that Christian values are referenced during the counseling. Catholic marriage counseling will not only require a therapist who is well versed on the bible, but experienced with marriage therapy.

1.  Catholic Marriage Counseling-What should we expect?

Finding a good Catholic marriage counselor is easier said then done. True, it’s one thing to know the bible inside and out, but it’s another thing to be experienced with marital issues that are common to every faith. Catholic marriage counseling should first be centered around “Christ” and his teachings and beliefs that he imparted.(i.e., love, forgiveness,kindness,non-judgmental,truthful, etc.). If both couples are Christian, and believe in “Christ” and his ways, then that gives the couple a bit of an edge when dealing with “life issues”

 2.  Catholic Marriage Counseling-Is it really different?

 Again, like we mentioned earlier, marital counseling will and should address many issues that are common to couples today. When you start to look for a Catholic marriage counselor, you should not only verify his faith and beliefs, but you should ask him exactly how long he has been doing marriage counseling, and what kind of results he or she has had. Believe me, some counselors are better then others.

3.  Catholic Marriage Counseling-Will this be a bible study?

No, and it shouldn’t be. A good Catholic marriage counselor will be able to address common issues in a marriage. Is there neglect or abandonment in the marriage? (one partner seems to work every day, neglecting the other), are their issues involving the children, (parenting issues, and who is falling short).  How about the money and finances? (Is one partner in “complete” control-power and control issues).  These are just a few of the issues that a good Catholic marriage counselor will address at the counseling session.

 Naturally, the ultimate goal in Catholic counseling is to refer to the bible for guidance and direction. Having “Christ” as a compass in a marriage goes a long way in helping the couples survive, and the therapist should stress this.

4.  Catholic Marriage Counseling-What about praying?

 There’s and old saying that goes something like, “the family that pray’s together, stays together” Prayer is an important aspect of Catholic marriage counseling. Here’s an easy way to start with your partner. Hold each other’s hand and say something like, “Dear God, we are struggling here with our marriage and we want it to succeed. Please guide us, and direct our paths in how and what we should be doing”. It’s a start, but God can do miraculous things.

 Conclusion- Catholic Marriage Counseling

 Catholic marriage counseling should be different then other methods, as it should reference “Christ” as the center of the marriage, and it will be him who will act as a “North Star” for the couple, guiding them through difficult times. Remember, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

 If you are looking for some sound Godly advice in an attempt to improve your marriage then we can help you both

 Please Visit Us At:  Catholic Marriage Counseling



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Nygel McVee
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