Can single parents join the national guard?

Question by : Can single parents join the national guard?
I am a single parent and want to join the national guard full time for my child’s sake of having decent insurance and a parent with steady income…As far as 2011 goes is the national guard accepting single parents? If so does anyone have any personal experience as to what the process would be to do so?

Also my mother has agreed to taking care of my child while i would be gone…So there’s no doubts there.

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Answer by mustangsally76
The National Guard is NOT full-time. It is basically like the Reserves, Yes, you can join teh National Guard as a signle parent. However, you need to give them a ROCK SOLID family plan before they will consider you for enlistment. The National Guard is basically one weekend a month, two weeks a year..just like the Reserves. it pays about $ 180 a month. You cannot join any aspect of the military full-time Active Duty as a single parent.

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