BOSTON, top drunkest city?

Question by : BOSTON, top drunkest city?
Boston was ranked the “drunkest city” in the U.S! What do you guys think? I have to say, this is pretty accurate. I live in South Boston, which consist single hot men, and of course 95% are Irish- Italian, do the math . You can find a pub here on almost every corner. And, snowing or sunny you know damn well, every bar is packed. Not to mention all the colleges we have here in this wonderful City, and all of the sports defiantly contribute to the heavy drinking! Gotta love it, but sometimes it’s awfully annoying, I just want to relax certain nights, you know? Boston makes it impossible.
haha, Irish-Italian? you obviously haven’t seen the guys out here my friend, not to mention single and fit.

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i didn’t feel like reading that
did you have riots at wallmart??

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