Publishes Detailed Guide on Eight Aspects of Indian Culture


Calcutta, India (PRWEB) February 14, 2008 is monitoring the modernization of Indian culture from dating, food, holidays, religion to parenting/grandparenting.

Dating and meeting people online is now the new ‘in’ thing to do these days, and as the website promotes, dating someone from the Indian culture has its benefits. In the site, readers are given an opportunity to learn about this great culture by simply clicking on the ‘Complete India Guide’ link found to the left-most side of the home page. Here, users are taken to a part of the website dedicated to the edification of one’s knowledge about India and its culture.

There are 8 different topics, ranging from the types of foods that Indians cook, the special holidays that people observe and the range of schools and colleges that India has to offer and educate its population. By visiting, one may better oneself by learning another culture. This media guide is more of an introduction rather than a comprehensive source of Indian culture, yet this guide is worthy of great attention. If one is thinking of dating an Indian woman or Indian man and one is not of Indian descent, then it is imperative that one learns about the Indian culture. On, readers are afforded an opportunity to learn.

For those who enjoy Indian cuisine, there is also a great list of the many Indian restaurants in the States and it would behoove the reader to point his browser to After clicking on the ‘Complete India Guide page’, a link to ‘Indian Restaurants in USA’ is seen as the third selection. There, readers are shown the different regions of the country and listed are the different states. After one chooses the appropriate state, one is then given a list of the major cities of such a state. Finally, a final list is given of all the Indian restaurants present in such a city.

This website is a great resource for those that want to learn more about Indian culture. It gives readers a chance to learn about the Indian culture and its peoples. The site also contains a directory of Indian restaurants in the United States and is surely a great resource for those who palates desire the spices of India. If love is more of one’s cup of tea, the website is also a great resource for finding that special someone.

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