Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Posted: Aug 20, 2008 |Comments: 1
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There is an over supply of online dating services on the market and there are many competing dating sites trying to capitalize on niche online dating ventures. Even though there remains an over supply of online dating services, the popular dating sites are experiencing huge growth in memberships.

Australian online dating is the latest dating concept to capitalize on a new idea regarding membership subscriptions and mirroring the practice of some night clubs in allowing females entry for free while guys pay a cover charge of .30.
As with the night club concept there are several rooms on offer. Within a night club there is often rooms offering different themes (e.g. Techno, R & B and funky house tunes rooms. Likewise, Australian online dating  also offers an array of rooms for its members centred on different themes and topics. Members can also create their own room and control its access.

This fresh concept being introduced is a world first by an online dating site. The current average ratio of males vs females on dating sites is clearly unbalance with males at around 65% and females at 35%. A survey conducted by an Australian online dating service claims that their members have indicated a positive response as this new subscription concept is a positive for both males and females.

A spokesman from the online dating industry that assisted with this article was asked, “Why is this concept a winner”? “Free for females is obviously a great thing, and there’s no catch – free means free. The advantage for the guys is that they can capitalize on the increase of new and interesting female members who will no doubt take advantage of the free memberships. All the guys pay is from .30 for full access and the potential to meet 1000s of real single ladies on this online dating site. Guys can finally navigate around a dating site with a balance of female to male members rather than one that is dominated by too many males and not enough females.”

It’s a link with tradition, like men paying for the lady on a date, or offering her a drink to get to know her. Similarly, this idea of free online dating for females and paid online dating for men has taken the concept of traditions shared between men and women in our society and applied it to the online dating world. There has been a plethora of free online dating services and free online chat rooms of late but none have taken the bold leap of the Australian online dating site offering free online dating to ladies.

A leading Australian consumer magazine recently compared the cost of popular ways to find singles. .00-0.00 per night will give the city guys and girls a night out on the town, taking into consideration taxi fares, drinks, food and maybe some new clothes or a new do. If you’re doing this once or twice a week the annual cost is around 00.00 per year for your average sociable guy or gal. By comparison, it can cost as little as .00 per year to use an online dating service. The math says it all.

It has also been reported by recent studies into the lifestyle of singles that online dating services offer members a wider choice of singles than conventional dating options. The internet provides a cost effective and safe environment to find singles in a no hassle environment, with over 20000000 visitors per month searching online for singles and chat rooms on a global scale. 

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