Asking divorced women about this, any help would be appreciated.?

Question by Bk T: Asking divorced women about this, any help would be appreciated.?
I was starting a relationship with a woman who was a good friend and was getting a divorce. We got along great, but we had to be discreet because of pending divorce,ect. Now she is divorced and she attacked everything about me and dumped me. She says that I only wanted the good and not the bad, and that she is afraid her ex will tell her young son about how we met, ect. She dumped me and now is running around dating on the internet because she says that she doesn’t want to settle down, she wants to live life to the fullest. She says she loves me but timing is everything and its not our time. I am obviously crushed because this went on for 2 years and now she wont have anything to do with me. She tells me she is being selfish and that she is trying to find a guy like me but wont take me because of her kid finding out about us ect. Whats going on? I want to repair our friendship but I think she is too far gone.
I spoke with her ex husband and she called him and yelled at him telling him he is the reason we are not together. He said she told him that we would be together but he was going to tell their son how they met. This was the day after Valentines.

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Answer by DJ
Let her go. She’s flighty, on the rebound and doesn’t want to be tied down. She’ll come down to earth soon enough. Don’t wait around for her, but do stand back; she’s got CRASH written all over her and you’ll want to steer clear of the debris.

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