Art Of Approaching – How To Meet Women In Bars

Art Of Approaching – How To Meet Women In Bars

Art Of Approaching – How To Meet Women In Bars

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Home Page > Relationships > Art Of Approaching – How To Meet Women In Bars

Art Of Approaching – How To Meet Women In Bars

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Posted: Feb 08, 2010 |Comments: 0


For most men, anxiety may arise from approaching a woman they desire. There have been quite a few explanations for this, ranging from tribal history that has been implanted in our genes, to societal programming on what is right and wrong for us to do. Men find answering the question “how to meet women in bars” quite difficult for fear of rejection. Naturally, people desire social acceptance more than anything else, that is, anything except for our physiologic needs.

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When you first approach a woman, touch her before you start talking. Tap her shoulder to signal her that you’re already in the interaction and that there’s no turning back. However, after doing this for a few weeks, quickly phase it out since it is not solid game for a proper pickup.

Try to look at women for what they truly are and not as the demi gods that we make them out to be. Be social with women in general, regardless of how sexy their figure is or how drop-dead gorgeous they are. Talk to fat, older, and unattractive women as well. The more often you talk to women outside of a pick-up session, the more natural it will be to start a conversation with any girl at a bar.

Also, in order to get somewhere with a woman at a bar, you have to have the right look and attitude. Your body language should exude total confidence. Project the kind of attitude that someone who has had a lot of experience speaking with women in bars would have. Don’t look down but rather maintain good eye contact. Modulate your voice well and speak confidently.

Yes, you may always feel some jitters when you try to meet women in bars. But then again, a real man acts in spite of fear, anxiety, and discomfort. A real man knows how to meet women in bars with confidence and with some pride.

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Ella Burton
About the Author:

This author writes about “>Art Of Approaching and How To Approach Beautiful Women.


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