Are ladies jealous of single men that live at home?

Question by Jack C: Are ladies jealous of single men that live at home?
I am an average, yet very successful, 30 year old, single, straight, man from a New York suburb. I choose to live at home with my parents and other adult siblings not because of financial need or because my parents are sick. I live at home because I love my room; it took years to get it just right, it’s free, I get home cooked meals, my laundry done and I am never alone.

In return, my siblings and I contribute to the household by maintaining it and keeping my parents company. We are actually saving our parents money by mowing the lawn for $ 50.00 per week rather than the $ 120.00 it would cost a professional to do it. Furthermore, we provide around the clock security as we all have different schedules resulting in someone always being awake. Professional security can cost thousands per week.

Living at home is helping me move forward in my life and education as well. I am able to go to professional school and not have to worry about roomates in a crappy apartment or any uneccesary expenses. This is yet another savings for my parents as they don’t have to pay for an apartment for me.

I digress. I clearly have family values and am a proven family man. I simply have no need whatsoever to move out at this juncture in my life. Although I do not work because I am going through an extremely rigorous education, I am clearly working towards an incredibly lucrative and respected career. All of this is not attractive? Women simply hear that I live at home and “red flags” go up. Women disrespect the fact that I have not dated or even experienced my first kiss yet. This stuff always comes up when the women start with their questions – I choose not to lie. I guess woman don’t like ambitious and clean men anymore or are simply jealous of those who work hard to create stable home lives.

What do you think?

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Answer by Piggy
The problem is you’ve never lived. You have avoided everything that would make a real man of you. You may have financial prospects, but no experience. No life.

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