Are all New York men crazy??? Or is that just who i attract???

Question by Michele: Are all New York men crazy??? Or is that just who i attract???
I’ve been living in New York as a single girl for two and a half years now and I can’t for the life of me meet someone! I’ve met guys in bars, on dating websites, through work, through friends and even on the subway and things either go one way or the other. 1. Most commonly I have no interest; I rarely meet someone I’m attracted to. 2. We meet they seem perfect for a while then they either turn out to be players, disappear off the face of the planet once we pass the two week mark or most recently they turn out to be clinically mental. I don’t throw this term around loosely, I actually mean they end up being a nut. Everyone seems to have mental problems, drink problems or suffer with depression. Are these my options for a future partner or are there normal attractive guys in New York City? Or maybe I’m just attracted to/or I attract guys with mental problems? Should I just start dating guys I’m not attracted to? Anyone else having this problem?
Single and Sick of it,
New York City

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Answer by lacalledelapicara
NYC is full of nuts just like DC and the surrounding areas.
I suggest you move to another cleaner, saner part of the state where the people are more down to earth, the crime/disease rate is lower and the residents speak English as a first language.

PS The cost of living is also lower in other parts of the state

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