Any successful online dating sites?

Question by We all just wanna be wood: Any successful online dating sites?
Have you guys found any online dating sites successful? Sometimes it’s so hard to meet people that we connect with in the “real world” when we’re all so busy. I keep seeing eHarmony, but since I’m a student I cannot afford a service like that. Is there any easier way to just meet interesting young singles easily without so much pressure?

I heard about several and was wondering if anyone tried out I just heard that it’s up and coming and for people to meet others via webcam. I was interested because you actually get to know someone a lot by the connection of audiovisual. But I am nervous and was wondering if anyone tried it or found success with WooMe. Or if you guys dappled other affordable online dating sites to meet other cool people.

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Here are some informations about successful online dating site at

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