Antiquities Auctions: Unidroit Convention Drives Up Prices

Antiquities Auctions: Unidroit Convention Drives Up Prices
The Unidroit convention, adopted with the intent of protecting archeological sites, is driving prices for relics with solid credentials sky-high.
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The art of holiday mingling: Mingle well, mingle swell, mingle all the days
Jeanne Martinet’s idea of heaven is what many people consider holiday hell: parties, lots of them, filled with strangers. “When I enter a party where I don’t know anybody, it feels like I’m at a banquet and I can’t wait to dive in,” said Martinet, author of “The Art of Mingling” (St. Martin’s Griffin, $ 9.95).
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Native American traditions and yoga combine for a holistic holiday
With all the hustle and bustle involved with the holiday season, it’s easy to lose sight of why we’re doing it all. Dennis Hawk, a Native American spiritual teacher and yoga workshop leader, seeks to help others reconnect with the natural world with his unique teachings.