Analysis: Game Dialogue As A Recipe for Sociopathy

Analysis: Game Dialogue As A Recipe for Sociopathy
[Gamasutra contributor Andrew Vanden Bossche examines conversations and dialogue trees in games, and the different ways in which relationships with AI characters are handled in the likes of Dragon Age and Persona.] Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer has some of the most compassionate dialogue options of any game I’ve played, perversely appropriate for the psychopathic protagonist. This is a game in …
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‘My progression into becoming a serial killer’
EDMONTON – Jurors at the first-degree murder trial of St. Albert filmmaker Mark Twitchell heard Wednesday the “most significant” evidence in the case was buried on his laptop.[…]
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Business Highlights
Americans are noticing higher prices at the grocery store, and it’s about to get worse. Food prices at the wholesale level rose last month by the most in 36 years. Cold weather accounted for most of it, forcing stores and restaurants to pay more for green peppers, lettuce and other vegetables, but meat and dairy prices surged, too.
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