American White Rye Bread Machine Mixes (A Single Pack)

American White Rye Bread Machine Mixes (A Single Pack)

  • 1 single mix
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  • Experience this mild bread made with white rye flour and just a touch of molasses. (Caraway seeds a

“Get free caraway seeds with this bread. Use them in your bread or add them to your pantry. You will absolutely love this American Rye Bread. This bread is made with a blend of white rye and premium bread flours. White rye flour doesn’t have the strong taste or coarse texture that is sometimes associated with rye breads. Even your kids will love this bread. Add the caraway seeds if you like. Use it for sandwiches or with your favorite meal. Its subtle taste will make it a favorite at your house.

“”It reminds me of the breads I had in Hungary””– Hannah

“”This bread tastes a little like sourdough.”” –Katie

Baker’s note: Many people associate the taste of caraway seeds with rye bread. If you leave the caraway seeds out, rye bread is really very mild tasting, especially light rye bread. We urge you to try rye bread without the caraway seeds. We package the seeds separately. Make it with caraway seeds when you want the traditional flavors of rye bread and without when you want a mild tasting rye bread.”

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