American Singles Site?

Question by ken31pop: American Singles Site?
I am new to these dating site I just do it out of curiosity I usually don’t do dating sites. For some reason, I keep getting these Russian women emailing me about they are insterested in meeting me but I’m sensing it’s a scam to get money out of me I’m not a gullible fool by any means. There’s Russian chick who emails me alot she is trying to come to my city but she asked me for $ 900 for the airplane ticket I am not going to give a stranger that amount of money. I am not to sure about these ofter Russian women I think they are connected with one another to get money from some unsuspecting fool. Okay has anyone has the same experience with American Singles I’m looking for local women not out of towners or foreigners?

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Answer by luvguns2002
They want to come and live in America. They are using you. Do not send any money or even bother talking to them. They only want to get to America.

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