American Eagle ATR-72 N288AM

American Eagle ATR-72 N288AM
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Image by caribb
Every now and then American Eagle schedules some ATR-72s into the airport

Air St-Pierre’s Atr-42 comes into Montreal from the French territories of St-Pierre & Miquelon off Newfoundland.

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Name: Atr-72
Manufacturer: Aeritalia (France/Italy)
Main Role: small capacity, short range regional propellor aircraft
Basic design: twin engined top fuselage mounted, single aisle narrowbody propellor airplane.
Photo: American Eagel, American Airline’s giant regional airline feeder, wsa one of the largest users if not the largest user of ART aircraft in North America. This stunning example was built in 1992 for Simmons Airlines and is still flying with American Eagle this day.