Alpha Impact Offers Sensual Man Pheromones Cologne and $100 Prizes for Selected Video Blogs


New Sensual Man Pheromones Cologne By Alpha Impact – 0 Prizes for Selected Video Blogs

Caesarea, Israel (PRWEB) September 23, 2009

Alpha Impact Pheromones has launched Sensual Man, the “atomic bomb” of pheromone fragrances. The powerful product is the first eau de toilette that combines human pheromones and sensual aromatherapy.

Sensual Man includes two seductive ingredients–Rhodiola Extract and Persian Rose–designed to destroy a woman’s defenses and magically enhance a man’s sexual attraction. Rhodiola Extract, also known as Golden Root, helps to increase stamina, fight fatigue and reduce stress. This rare herb not only makes men feel good and more relaxed, but it increases their masculine energy. Persian Rose is used in aromatherapy to enhance sensuality and sexual energy, while helping women calm the nerves. It functions like a Trojan horse and helps women relax and “get in the mood.”

Men who wear the sensual pheromone fragrance can dramatically enhance their dating and intimate experiences. Sensual Man can help men increase their physical appeal, sexual performance, self confidence and personal relationships. The unique pheromone cologne is available in a 100 ml bottle that sells for 0.

Now alpha males worldwide can cash in on an opportunity to have some extra fun with the ladies while using the product. They can take the Alpha Impact “Around the World Video Blog Challenge” and earn 0. Under the exciting promotion, guys simply need to submit a short video of a woman holding a bottle of Sensual Man and saying: “Hi, boys. My name is ____ from ____ (country), and I’ve been seduced by the raw power of Sensual Man by Alpha Impact.”

Each video post–which can be taken with a video camera, Web cam or cell phone–must be at least 30 seconds long. X-rated submissions are prohibited, but a sexy voice is a must. Alpha Impact will select 10 of the hottest videos as winners and pay 0 for the rights to post each winning video on places like YouTube and its own Alpha Club. The prize money will be deposited directly into the winners’ PayPal account. Even non-winners can walk away with something. Non-winners who followed the rules will receive a free Alpha Impact Pheromone oil extract of their choice.

Sensual Man is one of several Alpha Impact products that incorporate pheromones, which are a naturally-occurring chemical found in all humans, animals and insects. Pheromones are actually a scent that people secrete while perspiring, and they have been proven to create a sexual response when inhaled by the opposite sex. Sensual Man and other pheromone fragrances enable men to invoke the appeal of pheromones without raw sweat. They are the ultimate aphrodisiac for alpha males all around the world.

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Based in Caesarea, Israel, Alpha Impact Pheromones is the second-largest brand of pheromones-based fragrances in the world (outside the United States). It is the fastest-growing fragrance brand in more than 47 countries. Alpha Impact is an innovative company that developed the first pheromone bar soap and after shave product. It also sells six different scents of pheromone oil extracts and two Natural Player body mist sprays. Backed by global cosmetic company Paloma, Alpha Impact markets pheromone-based products worldwide online and in retail outlets.


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