All is Quiet on the Domestic Front: a look at intimacy and dwelling (1999)

All is Quiet on the Domestic Front: a look at intimacy and dwelling (1999)
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Image by Renée Turner
All Is Quiet on the Domestic Front: a look at intimacy and dwelling was a daylong seminar on the home. The speakers explored various perceptions and theorisings on the home, the private, and the intimate. Ine Gevers began by critically questioning who may be excluded from conventional or traditional notions of the home. Her thesis focused on the significance of listening to those who reside outside the borders of inclusion, the mad, the disabled, and those without residence. Polly Gould gave a lecture and performance on “matter in and out of place”. She examined the social taboos around bodily secretions, specifically breast milk and touched upon the blurred and at times contradictory distinctions society makes between the public and private, the sightly and unsightly. Riek Sijbring, taking an art historical approach, looked at still life painting and the ways ‘the feminine’ was represented through the depiction of floral arrangements within an interior space. Finally, Apolonija Sustersic compared and contrasted the Modernist high architectural visions of Le Corbusier with the illegal self-built and at times provisional dwellings in Slovenia. At the end of the day there was a discussion among the guest lecturers and the audience. One of the over arching themes emerging was the necessity to look beyond the spatial qualities of the home and acknowledge its socially constructed borders.

Riek Sijbring is an artist and writer living in Amsterdam. She studied art at the Rijksakademie and has received a Laureate in Theory from the Jan van Eyck Akademie. She has exhibited in various spaces such as the Veemvloer and the Bonnefanten Museum. In 1997 she published an essay in Issues 4 entitled “Mute Thought: an account of my encounter with the French philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty”. She is a core initiator of Stichting de Geuzen.(link: to Riek’s text)

Polly Gould is an English artist and writer living in Maastricht. She studied art at St. Martins and is currently working on a Laureate in Theory at the Jan van Eyck Akademie. She has shown work at Digital ’96 and W139.(link: to Polly’s text)

Ine Gevers is a Dutch curator and writer living in Utrecht. She teaches in the Department of Theory at the Jan van Eyck Akademie and has organised symposia there such as “Place, Position, Presentation, Public”. She has co-curated with Jeanne van Heeswijk the exhibition, “I + the Other, Art and the Human Condition”. (link to Ine’s text)

Apolonija Sustersic is a Slovenian architect and artist living in Ljubljana and Amsterdam. She has a degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and has done post-graduate studies in art at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. She was included in the Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art at the Museum of Modern Art in Slovenia and Manifesta 2.

The Reader
Annie Toop in collaboration with De Geuzen.

Annie Toop is an English artist living in Amsterdam. She studied art at both The Ruskin School of Fine Art at Oxford University and the Rijksakademie. She has exhibited at the I.C.A. London, W139 and has had works published in Mute-Digital Arts Magazine.