Adult Friend Finder: Is It Really Involved In A Scam?

Adult Friend Finder: Is It Really Involved In A Scam?

Adult Friend Finder: Is It Really Involved In A Scam?

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Home Page > Relationships > Sexuality > Adult Friend Finder: Is It Really Involved In A Scam?

Adult Friend Finder: Is It Really Involved In A Scam?

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Posted: Oct 02, 2006 |Comments: 120
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Adult Friend Finder is one of the most visited commercial websites on the internet, an online sex and swinger personals community now accommodating more than 20 million members worldwide. Basic membership and registration on Adult Friend Finder is free but you need to upgrade your membership in order to contact other members via anonymous email, instant messaging, webcam etc, and enjoy the other features. For example, with Gold Membership ( per month), you can view other profiles, video introductions, live video streams, contribute to an online magazine, and more. With basic membership, you can only post a profile.

Like many online dating and personals websites, Adult Friend Finder has also been accused of scams and online phishing (a criminal activity that uses social engineering techniques). Many has reported that owners of this popular online community have been deceiving the public by creating and posting fake profiles with photographs of beautiful and attractive women, in order to draw visitors. These innocent visitors are then directed to porn sites, or an Adult Friend Finder scam known as Advance fee fraud, an online confidence scam in which the target is convinced to advance moderately small sums of money in the hope of securing a much larger gain.

Adult Friend Finder scam is also based on charges regarding the use of contentious advertising techniques such as spam and spyware, designed to collect many different types of information about the user, and interrupt the normal operation of the visitor’s computer in order to promote a third party. For example, using this malicious software, the Adult Friend Finder scam can track what types of websites a user visits and send this information to an advertisement agency.

Supporters of Adult Friend Finder claim that approximately 4-5% of the population in most U.S. states has a profile on Adult Friend Finder, and half of these profiles are for Men seeking Women. These profiles are not duplicate, fraudulent, or inactive, and the Adult Friend Finder scam has been fabricated by competing websites to defame and discredit the very successful online adult community website. However, there are other views that maintain that the Adult Friend Finder scam is a reality that cannot be ignored.

The most recent criticism comes from people who claim to have been fooled into purchasing full membership by the Adult Friend Finder scam, which uses “decoys” in the chat rooms. According to witnesses, these chat room decoys operate by posing as real people to initiate a continuous conversation with their mark. Once a potential victim has been identified, he/she would then be coaxed into purchasing or upgrading into full membership to access all of the sites features.

In addition to the above criticism, even members who have purchased full membership (such as Gold Members) have been complaining about Adult Friend Finder scams such as fake communications, requesting e-mail and asking to pay for an account on another website.

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Leon Ralston
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