Accused of rigging, district to redo bids

Accused of rigging, district to redo bids
The Philadelphia School District will rebid a multimillion-dollar management contract for the district’s Broad Street headquarters amid allegations of bid rigging on behalf of a minority-owned company.

Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’ Author De Vany on Food and Exercise
Followers of the Paleo diet say that we can survive today’s unhealthy world by returning to a fresh food diet and exercising in short bursts. But does it hold water?
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Carrollton sales tax revenue possibly on the rise
Carrollton’s sales tax revenue is up in January 2011 from a year ago. However, while revenue has increased at the beginning of the year the city is not going to spend the extra cash. Instead they are waiting to see how long a positive trend can progress.
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