A Story about Best Friend

A Story about Best Friend

A Story about Best Friend

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A Story about Best Friend

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 |Comments: 0


My Chinese friend told me such a story about best friend when I was young. It was named as The Story of One and Half Friends. It influenced me a lot. I tried to find such a friend. But I did not find one or even a half friend still now. I would spend all my life to find my one and half friends. It was worth to find such a friend.

The story was about a rich man who lived in ancient China. He had a boy who made a lot of friends. The son did not go to work and spent all his life playing with his friends. And he liked to show off that his friends were all as good as his brothers. But in fact, all his friends like to play with the son because that his father was rich. The rich man was worried about his son and tried to persuade him to leave away his bad friends.

The rich man told his son that the friends were not real ones. But the son did not believe it. The father asked the son to prove that the friends of him were real friends. The son did what his father told him. He told his friends that he killed a man after drunk. He asked his friends to help him leave the city. But all his friends found excuses and left him. He was depressed and went home.


The father was not surprised when he told the truth. The father said that he would show what a real friend is. The farther brought his son to a house. He introduced his son to his first friend. And he told his friend that his son killed a man by mistake. The friend did not say anything. He went to another room and took out all his gold. The friend gave the gold to the boy and asked him to live in another country.

The father and the son left with the gold. They went to another house to visit the second friend. The father told the same lie to his friend. His friend asked his son back at once. The friend asked his son to change the clothes with the boy. And he said that he had two boys, but the rich man only had one. The rich man was old and he needed one son to feed him. So he decided to ask one of his sons to admit the crime.

The boy cried loudly after the man said such words. The rich man told the truth to his friends. They returned the gold to the first friend and went home. The rich man told his son that, “I have one and half friends in my life. You have visited both of them. Now you could know what the true friendship is.”

The boy realized that he did not have a real friend. All his friends left him when he was in trouble. He decided to work hard to start a new life. He wanted to find his one and half friends like his father.

That was The Story of One and Half Friends. It influenced me a lot in my daily life. My son came home with a lovely rubber chicken toy which can shrill when you squeeze it. He told me it was a birthday gift from his best friend. I told the story to him. He listened with high attention. I knew it may help him to be a real friend to others. And it would help him to find his one and half friends.

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About the Author:

I like reading, traveling, shopping and so on. And I also like sharing the interesting things with others.

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I hv two best friends,they were a couple in college days i.e 4 years , but the girl best friend just married to someother guy,and the boy best friend now says he loves me.is he just flirting?wht to do
How are sagittarian men as friends?Do they remain good friends with someone they are physically interested in?Do they keep in touch with their best friends everyday?
I have a boyfriend, and im starting to like his best friend , his best friend knows i like him and he likes me a little bit too. but hes dating my sister, what should i do?

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