A Chat with “The Dating Optimist” Amy Spencer About Meeting Your Half-Orange

FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH says Amy Spencer: thedatingoptimist.com http Book debuts Feb 2010. Dianne’s Blog: diannehanks.com FOLLOW me on TWITTER! http CONNECT with me on facebook! www.facebook.com Some Video Highlights: [0:57] “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a very special guest! It’s Amy Spencer, author of this brand new book….” [1:14] “Let’s do cheers. CLINK CHEERS!” [1:47] AMY: WHO I AM, my background — “I am a writer and magazine journalist…” [2:46] AMY: What is Dating Optimism? [2:57] AMY: How Dating Optimism worked for me. [3:31] DIANNE: Why I loved the book [4:17] AMY: “What optimism is all about is focusing your energies in such a determined way that you actually by creating what I call in the book ‘The Orange Buzz’ …” [4:42] AMY: “What that actually does is changes. If you have these positive thoughts regularly in your mind, it changes the neural activity in your brain and eventually actually changes the structure of your brain itself, and this is due to something called neuroplasticity.” [4:58] AMY: “When you have a different brain that sees and perceives the world differently, everything about you changes….and what you ultimately attract changes…” [6:04] AMY: “You can make love happen…” [6:17] AMY: How I came up with the title of the book– [6:23] AMY and DIANNE doing CHEERS with oranges — [6:49] AMY explains Mi Media Naranja [7:34] AMY explains “Feed Your Seed”, the power and art of visualization [8:59] AMY: “You have to be your best self NOW…” [9
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