5 Tips For Taking a Successful Online Dating Profile Photo

5 Tips For Taking a Successful Online Dating Profile Photo

5 Tips For Taking a Successful Online Dating Profile Photo

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > 5 Tips For Taking a Successful Online Dating Profile Photo

5 Tips For Taking a Successful Online Dating Profile Photo

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Posted: Aug 04, 2009 |Comments: 0


Your picture is the very first thing people look at on profiles page. In order to attract The One online, you need a photo that expresses you are open, warm and inviting. Body language is a very strong signal. Make sure yours is working for you, not against you.

The biggest mistakes I see in dating profile photos are stiff, unnatural poses, or an expressionless face. Rather than exude a positive tone, it sends a negative message of being uptight, rigid, serious or guarded. While a photo like this might get you attention, it most likely won’t be the kind you want.

Follow these 5 tips for taking a successful online dating profile photo- one that captures the light in your spirit, and sends the message that you are ready and open for love:

1. Dress how you normally do to go out with friends on the weekend. If that means hiking clothes- because that’s what you do with friends, where that. If it means a swank dress- because you love going to fabulous parties and restaurants- where that!
2. Find a good location. Pick out a spot that is sunny or bright.
3. Set your camera on Aperture Priority (often mode A) so you can blur the background by shooting with an aperture of 4-5.6. This will make you really pop!
4. As you are being photographed (either by yourself with a tripod, a friend or professional) engage in light and happy conversation, put on movie you know makes you laugh or listen to music, so you are not completely focused on being photographed. Once you are relaxed, your body language will fall in line- making it much easier to capture your true warmth.
5. While shooting, vary your poses. Get the typical posed shot, but also capture some candid moments of laughter, looking off to the side, and minor gestures. These caught moments are much more likely to engage the viewer.

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Nicole Braun Carrasco
About the Author:

Go to http://www.wink-web.com to sign up for our free gift- a guide to saving money on your next stationery order, and 5 tips to taking better family photos.

Nicole Braun Carrasco is the founder of Wink, a NYC photography and stationery company dedicated to helping people celebrate their big moments, in style.


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