3 Simple Steps to Get Any Woman You Want

3 Simple Steps to Get Any Woman You Want

3 Simple Steps to Get Any Woman You Want

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > 3 Simple Steps to Get Any Woman You Want

3 Simple Steps to Get Any Woman You Want

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Posted: Nov 09, 2010 |Comments: 0




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3 Simple Steps to Get Any Woman You Want

By: David James

About the Author

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Are you having problems meeting women? It’s okay if you are because the huge majority of men on this planet are just like you.

If you are like the majority of the rest of men you probably aren’t very social when you go out, rarely talk to more then one new woman a night when you do go out or get so drunk that you can’t remember how many girls you talked to or if you talked with any.

Both recipes mentioned in the above paragraph will have you destined for failure unless its one out of every thirty nights when that one girl you talked with is as desperate to get attention as you and she hangs out with you for that very reason.

Or maybe your the guy who depends on friends to hook you up. Guess what? Your friends can only do so much for you and they can’t pull the panties down for you. If you wait for your friends or are constantly asking your friends to hook you up that desperate attitude will carry over into your next conversation with the first girl they hook you up with and you will strike out miserably. To add insult to injury, if the girl your friends hooked you up with are new ones that they just met then your desperate attitude will have a 70% chance of blocking your friends from hooking up because the girl your with you will want to leave asap.

We have to recognize the facts before creating an action plan moving forward and getting you out of your funk. Its okay to feel pathetic after reading this because you wont feel that way at the end of the article. You do need to be very aware of where you are before you can move forward though. It’s kind of like getting directions to a girls house. You have to be able to tell her your where you are at and then you can accept and plug directions in on how to get there.

Please realize that everyone is on a different level of confidence. You will be able to tell which of your friends are the most confident by the amount of times they get laid more then you.
You must start building that confidence that you have deep down inside of you that a girl can literally feel when she sees you. That is the most powerful weapon you possess. If a girl sees and and can feel you from across the room because you look right through her like she is nothing to you…that will turn her on like you can’t even imagine. Think about it from your shoes so you comprehend what I’m saying. When you see a smoking hot girl out and she looks right through you…your thinking to yourself, damn I would love to hook up with a girl like that. Girls think the same way, you don’t have to be the best looking guy in the world to get the hottest girl in it. How many times have you seen a really hot girl with a guy that she should’nt be with and your thinking, how the F did that happen?
Bottom line is your confidence will catch a girls attention first or lack there of it. So you must build it to a high level. So how do you build it high and fast. The action plan is coming, let me cover the three mandatory attributes you must possess in action and then I will give you the keys to getting you into action so you can jump right to it.

After confidence comes basic hygiene. After your confidence catches them and they come up to you or you approach them then you have to let loose a smile or two. Nice teeth and good breath combined with a remotely decent personality will bag any girl that is ready for it that night. If that’s not your goal and you want a relationship those three things will get you a date with any girl in the room. You would be surprised how many guys I see when I’m out that have yellow teeth or bad breath that I can smell a few feet away from me. I know they aren’t getting any even if they are better looking then me. If your teeth aren’t shining take your butt to the store and grab a twenty dollar box of whitening strips and use them. Grab a pack of gum while your at it and if you haven’t been to the gym in a while (don’t worry, most girls haven’t either) don’t wear something from fitting that shows off your fat. Wear something a bit looser and a darker color that keeps you looking a bit trimmer then you are. If girls worked out as much time as they did finding ways to conceal their fat then they would all be ripped so don’t feel bad about keeping it simple in darker colors.

After you have the basic hygiene down your ready to get to work on building your confidence. I’m going to start from the lowest point and assume you have been sitting in a cubicle or working on a couch in your house the last 10 years and you haven’t been out since Vanilla Ice was on top of the charts.

Step one, start online because its the fastest way to get the most attention. Put a REAL picture of yourself on a site that has unbelievably hot women on it. Velvet Deck is a great site to start with, its not a dating site but very well could be in the future. Its free to sign up and they have the hottest models online bar none that you can have conversations with for free immediately by sending them a friend request. Take advantage of it before the owners of Velvet Deck wise up and charge for the talent they have. Once you are used to chatting with hotter girls then you have ever been with in real life online you can take your games to the streets. Just keep it simple to start. Whenever you see someone that you find remotely attractive just say Hi then smile even if you are walking passed them in a hallway. Your goal is not to get phone numbers, it is to go through the numbers. The more girls you talk to randomly the more confident you will be when you want to get more aggressive in conversation. You will be merely creating a habit of talking to strange girls to a point where it’s not a big deal anymore. Doing the last two items will make your work in bars or clubs so simple it will be like taking candy from a baby. You have to remember that girls in clubs or bars are usually intoxicated and will not be prepared for someone with your level of confidence to approach them and when you do they are yours. It might not be the first one you talk to or the second or third but once you have talked with three girls your chances of getting laid, if that’s your goal,skyrocket as long as you keep your smile big, your teeth clean and your breath smelling good.

A lot of guys complain about not getting laid or never meeting the right girls. Bottom line is there are millions of people out there that are perfect for you, its all about timing, and actively pursuing relations when any opportunity comes in front of you. Since your on your path to greatness and social success by following the simple steps of this article…next time one of your friends complains about not hooking up with anyone or whatever just ask him how many girls have