20363 CV55ACZ Volvo B7R Plaxton Profile

20363 CV55ACZ Volvo B7R Plaxton Profile
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Image by namibian amphibian
Bus: Volvo B7R Plaxton Profile
Registration: CV55ACZ
Date Of Registration: 2 September 2005
Service Number: 20363
Number Of Buses In Batch: 5
Interior: Purple/Blue Cloth Seats

Location: Fabian Way, Swansea
Route: No Route
Date: 25 May 2010

CV55ACZ is one of several Plaxton Profile bodied Volvo B7R’s new to First Cymru in 2005. Most of these were transferred to First Glasgow or Edinburgh when only a few months old. One of the remainders, CV55ACZ, is seen here waiting time on Fabian Way, Swansea, next to Tesco Superstores, on the afternoon of 25 May 2010, likely here to avoid congesting the temporary bus station the other side of Tesco’s. Its likely CV55ACZ’s next route was the 100 to Cardiff, as this was before the Greyhound service was introduced on 20 September 2010.