2010 Rewind: A Year to Remember

2010 Rewind: A Year to Remember
Filed under: News , Profiles , President Obama Ahhh… 2010 was a very good year for news stories galore. Folks and their shenanigans never gave us a news-less day. Life-altering situations, pearl-clutching gasps, history book fodder, and moments that were world-changing made 2010 a year that many of us will never forget! Here are some of this year’s scandalous and off-the-beaten-track headlines …
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A borrowed heart is wearing down: ‘This life is not a guarantee; it’s a privilege’
A heart. The small symbol on Kayla Trolle’s driver’s license announces a commitment — she’s chosen to be an organ and tissue donor. “They could use my regular organs,” she said. “My eyes.” Not the heart, though. They would not, in all likelihood, use Kayla’s heart. It wasn’t hers, originally. Her heart once belonged to a young Marine whose car accident ended his life — and saved hers.
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Easy A Blu-ray Review
Emma Stone cements her stardom in this charming comedy.
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