1/8 Dating Foreign Women vs. American – Steve Hoca’s Groundbreaking Interview!

www.happierabroad.com Steve Hoca interviews Steve N, a fan of Winston Wu’s International Dating website at HappierAbroad.com, about dating foreign women and Filipinas vs. American women. Together the two Steves produced THE BEST interview yet! The synergy in it was phenomenal, as well as the information, comparisons and truthfulness. Both had so much to contribute to the interview, revealing many insights, profound truths, and dispelling false myths about dating abroad. Listening to this one will turn anyone into a believer! It’s a clincher. This is the one that will convince the doubters. We all need to get the word out and help bring awareness and hope to this epidemic of so many men living in true forced loneliness in America, since our media won’t. Please forward this interview to everyone you know who could benefit from it. Feel free to download this interview and upload it to your channel to help spread awareness. You may download all parts in a zipped file at www.happierabroad.com The interviewee Steve N personally recommends that you view my Happier Abroad comparison chart, which he says nails the key differences between the dating and social environment in the US vs. most countries abroad: www.happierabroad.com To listen to more of Steve Hoca’s Shows, see my Interviews page at: www.happierabroad.com Thanks, Winston
Video Rating: 4 / 5