12 Earl of Croy Marquess of Needham and Dolby Baronet of Brycey

Roger Rees as Lord John Marbury in The West Wing episode 315 Dead Irish Writers. MARBURY Gerald, old sock. JOSH I got to go. [walks off] LEO Yeah. MARBURY Brendan McGann cannot come to the White House. LEO How are you, John? MARBURY I’m well, thank you very much, but Brendan McGann cannot come to the White House. LEO Hang on. [calls] Toby! Ahead of them, Toby stands and turns. LEO [to Marbury] You know Toby Ziegler? MARBURY Yeah. We’ve met on occasion. LEO Toby, come here. [He does.] Lord John Marbury. MARBURY Yes. TOBY [clears throat] Good evening, Your, uh, Lordship. MARBURY Uh, well, good evening, yes. LEO [to Marbury] Talk to him about McGann. [walks off] TOBY You have objections to him coming to the White House? MARBURY My objections are irrelevant. I convey the objections of Her Majesty’s Government. TOBY Which are? MARBURY He’s a terrorist. TOBY Well, let’s hang on a second. Sinn Fein is a political party. In fact, the oldest in Ireland. MARBURY And the political wing of the IRA… TOBY Sir… MARBURY A terrorist cell. TOBY I wouldn’t… MARBURY You are honoring a man at your St. Patrick’s Day dinner allied with car bombers and murderers of British soldiers. This not to mention Irish men, women and children. TOBY Yes, sir. MARBURY And you’re doing it to appease Democrats from New York City and Boston. TOBY He’s not being honored. He’s just been given an invitation. MARBURY He shouldn’t be given a visa. TOBY And I think we have to be careful how we use the word
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