10 gadgets that make you look old

10 gadgets that make you look old
You’ve become increasingly out of touch, as the world gets more and more confusing. But even if you turn to the latest “doohickeys” to fight off the old-timey blues, be careful: Some gadgets actually make you look older and more old fashioned than ever.
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Victor Perez gets Hero’s welcome at Bulldog Stadium
The Fresno man who saved an 8-year-old girl from her kidnapper got a hero’s welcome at Saturday’s Fresno State game.
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Girl Rebels When Multitasking Mom Gets Behind The Wheel
DEAR ABBY: My mother does other things while she’s driving, and it’s a big problem for me. I only just got legal to be in the front seat (I’m 13). I don’t want to be in the car with her.
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